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Ramsoondar Prayag State Secondary School Ministry of Education and Human Resources, Tertiary Education and Scientific Research

Head of Departments

​Head of Departments 2017
​Subjects Names of Educators
​                                ​ ​1 ​Accounting       ​ ​Mr RAMPUL S ​                              
​          ​2 ​Art And Design ​Mr OVA P
​3 ​Biology ​Mr GREEDHAREE
​4 ​Business Studies ​Mr JEEWOOTH C
​5 ​Chemistry ​Mr PATTEN
​6 ​Computer Studies Mr MUTHOORA S R
​7 ​Design And Technology ​Mrs GOODHYE-BURJOO
​9 ​English Language ​Mrs APPIGADOO D
​10 ​French Language ​Mr LOCKNAUTH R
​11 ​Hinduism ​Mrs SHAM-BISSESSUR V
​12 ​Mathematics ​Mr SUFFEE I
​13 ​Music ​Mrs AUCHAL A
​14 ​Oriental Languages ​Mr COOROOPDASS
​15 ​Physical Education ​Mr SANMUTHIYA K
​16 ​Physics ​Mr KATWAROO M
​17 ​Social Studies ​Mr RAMLOLL