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Ramsoondar Prayag State Secondary School Ministry of Education and Human Resources, Tertiary Education and Scientific Research


Pedagogical Committee


Composition Of Pedagogical Committee



  • To help towards the improvement of teaching and learning by providing feedback, advice and guidance to Educators.

Terms of Reference

The Pedagogical Committee will:
  • Collect feedback on learner performance on a monthly basis as per a pro forma worked out for this purpose.
  • Analyse end-of-term and end-of-year assessment and examination results for the identification of strengths and weaknesses.
  • Set up targets and objectives for the different levels.
  • Devise and monitor strategies for improving teaching and learning in general and for pupils with learning difficulties in particular.
  • Submit to the Rector a concise report showing progress/improvement after each meeting.


  • As often as the need arises but at least once per month.
  • Records of all meetings of the Pedagogical Committee are to be kept and made available as and when required.

Follow Up

Further to the report submitted, the Rector will:
  • Provide feedback to all staff in the course of a staff meeting.
  • Take up, on an individual basis, those specific issues that pertain to specific Educators.
  • Incorporate proposals made in the Report into the School Development Plan for implementation of the relevant actions.