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Ramsoondar Prayag State Secondary School Ministry of Education and Human Resources, Tertiary Education and Scientific Research
Ramsoondar Prayag (18.06.1894 – 08.05.1971)
If the village of Rivière Du Rempart remembers, 41 years later, the accomplishments of this son of the soil, is that there must be a very good reason. First, Ramsoondar Prayag was an icon for the community as a whole and a strong symbol for all Hindus of Mauritius. The people of Rivière Du Rempart had the chance to meet people who have greatly contributed to improve their living conditions and they have always had a deep appreciation.
Ramsoondar Prayag was born in June 1894 at Le Ravin, Rivière Du Rempart , of emigrants Allahabad parents now known as Uttar Pradesh. Very young, he married Rajpatteea Ramtuhul who gave him ten children, six boys and four girls.
Ramsoondar and his brothers led a life of hard work and sacrifice, and saving every penny, they managed to buy a shop in the area. The shop sells essential items required which foods and food such as rice, flour, corn and so on.
A little later, they managed to buy a piece of land through their sacrifice and hardworking temperament. This piece of land was converted into an important area in 1934 when they bought an establishment at L’ile D’Ambre. This allowed Ramsoondar Prayag and his wife to bring up their six children with dignity.
Ramsoondar Prayag was therefore outlining a model in society. Its establishment enabled it to contribute significantly to the development of his country at a time when sugar cane was almost the only raw material that Maurice had. It thus contributed to the creation of jobs in the region, a period when unemployment was at its height.
Ramsoondar was also a social worker. During the dark years of World War II, he joined firmly in agricultural diversification, even going up a successful grow rice, a staple food of all Mauritians. The first textile factory located in the north, L’ile D’Ambre specifically was inaugurated by Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam paying him homage for his contribution to the development of this industry in Mauritius.
In the field of social work, he was an unfailing generosity, and helped hundreds of families cope with the misery. On the cultural front, he contributed to the building of temples and kovils.
By its contribution to the economic, cultural and social field, Ramsoondar Prayag greatly ensured the progress of his country while bequeathing an indelible legacy in the community. This, as well as the government made it a duty to honor his memory by giving his name to the college, formerly known as the Rivière Du Rempart SSS (Boys).
What a fine example of gratitude to a man who has done so much for his village and his country. Ramsoondar Prayag remains a figurehead that future generations should remember.