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Ramsoondar Prayag State Secondary School Ministry of Education and Human Resources, Tertiary Education and Scientific Research

Rules And Regulations

Rules And Regulations



  • A pupil is under school discipline the moment he leaves home for school until the time he is back home.


  • When school is released pupils are expected to go home directly and not to loiter around. The school will under no circumstance intervene in favour of a student who has been reported to the police for gross mis-behaviour outside school.


  • When leaving classrooms at the last bell pupils must walk out in an orderly manner to take the school bus.  Rushing and stampeding on the staircase is very dangerous.


  • Behaviour in class, on school premises, during assembly, official functions and even outside school premises must be irreproachable and impeccable.


  • The misbehaviour of a student on the way to school and back is considered to discredit the good name of the school.  Pupils should behave properly in school buses as well as in any public place.

Tidiness And Uniform

  • A pupil must wear the school uniform regularly when he is attending school or any school function, including Internal Examinations, Mock Examinations, SC/HSC Exams and Athletic Meetings.  The uniform consists of a plain white shirt or a white pola shirt (with the school badge stitched or printed on the pocket) and plain black trousers. Only pupils of Forms V & VI are allowed to wear plain black Jeans.  Shirts must be well tucked inside trousers. (Please see the attached model).


  • Unofficial T-shirts, caps and other fancy objects such as bracelets, fancy chains etc. are strictly prohibited.  For repeated cases, parents may be called. School Track Suit: In winter, pupils are allowed to wear the school jacket along with the usual uniform.  The track-suit may be used for sports events/PE classes only but should not be worn as uniform. During PE Classes, pupils should wear proper attire (short + T-Shirt + appropriate sports shoes).


  • Protective Equipment
  • Pupils are strongly advised to wear protective equipment such as Lab Coat, gloves and goggles for practical sessions in the workshop and laboratory.


  • A pupil failing to wear the school uniform without a valid written explanation from the Responsible Party, runs the risk of being sent back home to get himself properly dressed.  Flimsy reasons (such as rainy weather, single uniform etc) in order not to wear the school uniform will not be accepted.  Please see the attached model in your journal.


  • All students are expected to be always clean and tidy.  They are not allowed to have fancy hair cuts or coloured and long hair beyond the neck and to wear earrings.  Same will be immediately confiscated if found on the student.   Nails should not be varnished; they must be kept short and clean. Piercing is strictly forbidden.

Courtesy to Staff

  • All pupils are expected to show courtesy and due respect to all members of the teaching and non teaching staff.


  • School starts at 8.00 am with daily morning assembly. Pupils are expected to reach school a few minutes earlier.


  • Any late comer in the morning will have to sign in the pupils’ lateness form.


  • A pupil who is regularly late for flimsy reasons (such as transport problems etc) will be liable to disciplinary action.  A pupil who is late three or more times a week may be given a one-hour detention.  In case of repetition the Responsible Party will be called to school for necessary explanation.


  • Any officially present pupil found missing during a surprise roll call at any time of the day will face appropriate disciplinary measures.  Pupils not officially present on roll call should not be found within school premises during working hours.  However, such presence would be condoned only if prior permission has been sought and granted by the Rector/Deputy Rector.

Morning Assembly

  • Morning assembly is held everyday as from 8.00 to 08.10 except on rainy days. 


  • Attendance is compulsory.  All absences must be explained in writing immediately on the day on which a pupil comes back to school.  The pupil will hand over the letter of absence signed by his Responsible Party to the Form Master marking the register.


  • Absences of more than 3 days must be covered by a Medical Certificate.


  • A pupil who is absent for more than 5 consecutive days will have to be accompanied by his Responsible Party for necessary explanations.


  • Absences will be computed each term, recorded in the Report Book of the student and may be taken into account in the overall assessment scheme.


  • All absences for the sake of revision purposes will not be entertained.


  • A pupil who wishes to go abroad to spend holidays should seek permission in writing from the Directorate through the Rector.

Student Journal (With Photograph)

  • It is compulsory for every student to have a Student Journal in order to monitor his conduct and performance. It must be filled by the student after every period, and signed by the Responsible Party at the end of the week.


  • For Loss/Damage of school journal, a new journal will be issued against a fee of Rs 150.

Term Reports

  • Individual Report Book showing student's performance is issued at the end of each term.  The Responsible Party should take note of results, record of attendance, report and insert signature in the space provided.
    For the Third Term it is recommended that the Responsible Party calls personally at school to collect his ward's report book.


  • Responsible Party should ensure that Report Book is returned to   the school on the first day of resumption of studies.


  • Pupils leaving school must ensure that they have returned their Report Books, Library Books and other items belonging to the school (if any), failing which considerable delay will be caused in the issue of School Leaving Certificate.


  • Please note that pupils who fail an end-of-year examination for the same class twice will have to withdraw from school.

Students Identity Card

  • Each student will be issued an ID Card against payment of Rs100.00 for:
    (a) non-payment of bus fare by students on any school day on production of their student identity card; and
    (b) payment of student fare by students on non-school days  on production of their student identity card.


  • In case of loss and damage, students will be required to submit to the school one photograph (size 32mm X 25mm) + Rs300.00 for onward transmission to the NTA for issue of a duplicate card, subject to the satisfaction of the Commissioner. This process may take quite some time.


  • N.B: Students may have to pay adult fare if they are not in possession of their Student Identity Cards.
    Students are strongly advised to take good care of their ID card and to report immediately the loss of same to the nearest Police Station and to the Administration.

Loss Of Property

  • All pupils are responsible for their belongings which they should take good care of.  They are advised to refrain from bringing to school balls, large sums of money and valuables such as cellular phone, discman, MP3, MP4, etc., as the Administration will accept no responsibility for any loss.


  • A student who loses any article belonging to him will report the matter immediately to the Usher/Class Teacher.

Mobile Phone

  • Use of mobîle phone or any gadget is strictly forbidden during classes.  

Damage To School Property

  • Accidental damage caused to school property should be reported to the Usher immediately.


  • A pupil who willfully damages any school property runs the risk of incurring disciplinary action.  He will moreover be made to bear the cost of the damage caused.  His case will be referred to the Ministry for further action if need be.


  • Scribbling on desks, chairs, walls or defacing school property in any way are all serious offences.  Pupils caught doing such acts will be liable to disciplinary action.


  • Playing cards as well as gambling is not allowed on school premises.


  • Pupils are not allowed to stay in the classroom during breaks and they should not indulge in games considered dangerous.


  • No pupil is authorised to organise tours or any other activity in the name of the school without prior consent from the Administration.


  • Pupils are not allowed to loiter around in the school yard or make purchases at the school canteen during teaching periods.


  • No chewing gum is allowed in the classroom or in the school compound.


  • No pupil shall stay after school hours on the school premises or in classrooms for sports purposes or other activities except with the Rector’s permission and consent of parent.


  • Whenever a cyclone warning class 2 is in force before the school day begins, pupils must stay at home unless otherwise directed on the Radio.  This applies also if there is a general strike in the transport services.

Serious Offences

  • Truancy is punishable by law.  A pupil who plays truant will not be admitted to school unless and until his Responsible Party calls at school.
  • A pupil found guilty of inflicting wounds and blows on another student, and/or in possession of offensive weapons will be referred to the authorities concerned.


  • Bullying is a very serious offence and severe cases will be severely dealt with and if need be the bully will be recommended for expulsion.

Disciplinary Actions

  • For minor cases of misbehaviour and unsatisfactory work, pupil will be given extra work or an hour's detention after school hours.


  • Persistent misbehaviour or unsatisfactory work will lead to a Saturday detention lasting 3 hours.  The pupils may also be put on Special Report.  Parents will be informed accordingly by means of a note from the school Administration or through the Student Journal.


  • Serious offences (such as  intimidation, using abusive language, cheating at tests or examinations, falsifying signatures, leaving school without permission, shirking classes, damaging school property, acts of vandalism, being in possession of obscene or compromising materials, insubordination, stealing under any form defacing library books, making use of graffiti and obscene caricatures  rules governing laboratories and specialized rooms such as workshop , Science Labs, CDT Room,  misbehaving on the stadium, in public and in the school bus, etc) will be reported to the Regional Director.  Appropriate action leading to rustication or expulsion will follow.


  • Smoking, indulging in the consumption of alcohol/abusive substances. 
    The above are criminal offences and hence punishable by law.  Defaulters will be irrevocably referred to the authorities concerned for necessary disciplinary actions.


  • Letters requesting special permission must be submitted at least 3 working days in advance where this is possible.  Examples of such letters are those for appointments at the hospital, religious ceremonies, etc.  The letter should be supported by relevant documents, e.g. appointment card of the hospital or letter from religious organization, etc.


  • However, the Administration reserves the right to refuse to grant such permission subject to school exigencies.


  • In case of urgency, e.g. for attending a funeral, the letter should be submitted to the Usher before the first period.


  • For security reason, permission for urgent leave is not entertained on phone.  Responsible party or parent should call in person to take his/her ward in cases of urgency.  He/she will be required to produce his/her ID card.


  • If a pupil wishes to participate in any extra-curricular activity outside the school premises, the consent of the responsible party will be sought through the CONSENT FORM.

Conduct During Examination Period

  • Any student caught misbehaving before during and after examinations will be severely dealt with.   They may be debarred from taking the rest of the examination depending on the gravity of the offence committed.

Class Captains, Vice-Class Captains And Prefects

  • One Class Captain and one Vice Class Captain and one student council representative will be elected at the beginning of the year by the pupils themselves.


  • Prefects will be chosen yearly as follows:
    (i)    two pupils (excluding Captain & Vice Captain) per section as from Form IV, V, LVI & UVI.
    (ii)   three pupils chosen by Staff and Rector.


  • The Head boy and the Vice Head boy will be selected after  consultation with the Staff.


  • A Head boy/Prefect/Class Captain/Vice Class Captain who is not shouldering his responsibility as expected may be replaced by the Rector in consultation with the Staff and School Council.


  • Class Captains and Vice Class Captains will maintain order and discipline in the absence of the teacher.  They will also carry out other duties assigned to them, such as the monitoring of the Attendance Cards, etc.


  • Prefects are expected to help maintain order and discipline outside classrooms and outside school especially in school buses.  They will also carry out other duties assigned by the Rector, Deputy Rector and Staff.


  • Every pupil should heed any advice or instruction given to him by his Class Captain or Vice Class Captain or Prefect and carry it out in the spirit in which it is given.


  • This list is not exhaustive.  Further additions may be made by the Head of the school as and when required.
  • Responsible Party refers to the person whose signature has been affixed on the Admission Form.